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April 24, 20200


Have you ever wondered about the ways to strengthen your remote team?

Do you always seek ways for better team collaboration?

Do you always look for trends to bring your virtual team closer?

Can you always make sure that the team running without you is working efficiently? Luckily, the answer to all your questions is Virtual Team Building Exercises. 



Virtual team building is a means to bring remote teams together and create a virtual work environment similar to the physical office workspace. A lack of strong bonding of the virtual team may hamper productivity giving the feeling of undervalued to employees. Therefore, virtual team building is necessary to boost overall productivity, communication, trust, and adherence leaving all the members satisfied and valued. According to the Harvard Business Review, “close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%.” This review signifies that virtual team building is essential.


Team building exercises will not only build the bonds of confidence and collaboration but will make them feel considered and treated remotely. Here are six quick ideas of remote team-building activities:



  • Virtual Coffee Sessions: Have an online meeting with each employee bringing their coffee so that it seems more like a coffee break. While this session, there should be a discussion about their current lives with all the members present along with team leader or manager, which will create a feeling of equality among the members.



  • Live Remote Co-workspace:  Due to the distribution of the team members around the world, everyone can’t meet up at a co-working space. The question that arises here is how to remind your team to keep working in a flow continually? No worries! The solution is ‘live remote co-workspace’ where distributed members could connect on a video call whenever they feel low or want to feel inspired by the hard work of their fellow mates. Doing this will give employees a constant reminder that work and productivity are their focus.



  • Capture Significant Company Events: The team members being widely distributed acts as a drawback when they couldn’t attend the company events or affairs. The team members feel left out, and they are unable to see how their work is contributing to the company. The only way to fix this is by making videos of company events and posting them on the connecting platform. Videos have always been an excellent way to connect with your team, which is advantageous for productivity and communication.



  • Play online ice-breaker games: Ice-breakers are a great way to boost morale and unify the team. Ice-breaking sessions are essential in an online environment. Online team building games are a fun and quick way to get to know each other. Allowing team members to share part of their personal lives makes teamwork more fun.



  • Sharing Pictures:  Picture sharing can facilitate laughter and surprising rejoinders that will leave employees feeling satisfied and correlated, bringing a new element of friendship to the workplace. The photo shared by the members must be unrelated to work, for instance, the snap of a pet, gadget, family member, etc.



  • Convene in person: Planning a team meet up will bond you correctly.  A team meet up can necessitate a small weekend in a convenient location. Giving team members the chance to communicate in person with their virtual co-workers is a fabulous way to make your team stronger and make team members feel a spirit of likeness.


Remote teams may not get the same face-to-face contact, unlike those working in office workspace, but they don’t have to stay disconnected from one another. Team building activities allow virtual team leaders and managers to become familiar with each employee’s expertise and skills. Bonding is essential to form a cohesive team! So when are you taking the first step to build a stronger and even better team?

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